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Forum Rules & Guidelines!
01-31-2015, 04:24 PM
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Information Forum Rules & Guidelines!
Below Are Our Forums Rules & Guidelines, We Enforce these with extreme PREJUDICE!

Posting Threads & Replies
  • Please do not post idiotic replies to posts, (such as fasfwvaervaerberb.)
  • Please keep the language moderate as much as possible!
  • No arguing in the chat at all
  • If you want to argue, take it to a Private Message
  • No Double Posting Allowed!
  • Any Racial Comments automatically Result in Permanent Ban!

Avatar & Signature Guidelines
  • Please keep all Avatars Clean!
  • No Vulgar Avatars Or Racial Avatars (Nudity,Racist,etc.)
  • Please keep the avatar size small!
  • Please keep the signature size small as well!
  • You may have a total of Two Signatures to your Profile.
  • Staff may delete your Signature/Avatar if you break these rules.

Application Guidelines
  • If you were declined on your Application, please wait a minimum of 72 Hours before submitting another!
  • You MUST Follow all formats given, otherwise you will be declined
  • Please refrain from lying on your applications.
  • Before Applying for an Admin Application, You MUST have 48 Hours on Forum time and 24 Hours on Server Time!

These Rules may be subject to change at any time and you will be notified when this Happens!

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