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Important DarkRP Rules
02-14-2015, 04:31 PM (This post was last modified: 04-13-2015 07:30 PM by Taito.)
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Exclamation DarkRP Rules

We're glad that you could join us!

There is a few things that you may want to know:

We do not like cheaters(You will be banned for cheating.)

Our server Runs an anti-cheat plugin that will check for foriegn lua scripts.
If you have a safe Lua Script and are banned please contact an Admin(Hint: Visit the Contact page.)
If you require technical assistance or you witness the malfunction. Please contact a server coder immediatly(Hint: Visit the Contact page.)

About us!

The server is ran by the Soldiers of Darkness, a wonderful gaming community. The server is owned and maintained by Mr. Green

Please make sure to read our rules. So that you can have a fun and enjoyable expierence on our server

How do I donate?

To donate please click the donate tab, and use that link to donate directly to the server.

This will allow us to continue running [SoD].

Donate link; http://www.sods-rpserver.com/donate

Important Links!

Staff Page: http://sods-rpserver.com/staff.html

Teamspeak IP: ts.sods-rpserver.com

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/sodservers

Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/sodservers


Never break NLR(New Life Rule), for any reason - NLR lasts a total of three minutes.

Do Not RDM(Random Death Match) - This refers to killing randomly.*

If a you are a Cop, you must /advert reason, after you arrested someone or you will be subject to being banned from the job.

Do Not RDA(Random Arrest) - This refers to arresting someone without a proper reason.

Do Not Random Demote - Using /demote without reason. For example: Demoting the person just because you want their position.

Do not randomly commit robbery unless the situation allows for it.

Do not props of any kind to surf. If you are caught prop surfing you will be banned permanently.

Do not use props to block of any entrances/exits of any area. A person must be able to access a building from any available entrance.<br />You are allowed up to 2 keypads per door.

Do not abuse fading doors - This means to use the key on your keyboard to unfade/fade the door.

Do not block any spawn points with props or spam props. If you are caught doing either of these you will be permanently banned.

Do not Exploit in any form to gain extra Money Printers. - This includes buying printers, leaving, and gaining more printers.

Do not attempt to harm the general operation of the server in any way. If you are caught doing this you will be permanently banned.

Horrid/Pornographic sprays of any kind are not allowed.

Do not impersonate anyone(This includes anyone that is logged on to the server, or even staff).

Advertising/Recruiting for other communities or servers is not allowed.

Racism is not allowed. Please be fair to all players regardless of their race.

If you are killed during a raid, returning to the location in which the raid took place is a violation of NLR.

If you are caught building a creation that appeals offensive to other players in any way. Our staff will take disciplinary action as needed.

Building near or around the general spawn area is not allowed.
Do not illegally manipulate props to gain an advantage(This includes: Prop Pushing,

Prop Killing, Prop Blocking, Prop Surfing, or Prop Climbing).
Do not build in a players territory without permission.

Do not construct any devices that may be harmful or disruptive to other players(This includes: Explosives or any other devices that can easily be constructed).
Construction of the home above the ground(Sky Bases) is not allowed.

Blocking any door that is non-own able is not allowed.

Apply a fading door to any door that is non-own able is not allowed.

If you are asked a question by a staff member, you must respond.

You are required to follow your class rules and stick to only that job

Do not prop block or fading door ANY Non-Own able door!

If an admin asks you a question, do not ignore them.

All classes must follow their roles and ONLY do their job!

The mayor is the only entity allowed to create laws.

You are not allowed to build in the Police Station unless you are the Mayor or the Police.

Do not change your job title to something that isn't related.

Do not use money printers to harm other players when they catch on fire and explode.

During the construction of your base, please make sure you have a sign up to indicate so. This sign can be up for no more than 10 minutes. During this time you are granted immunity.

Class Rules:


Bug-bait is a Weapon.

Hobo Shoe is a Weapon.


You are required to create the laws within 2 minutes of being Mayor.

If you have not created at least 1 law by the end of 2 minutes. You will be demoted.

Corruption of any kind is not allowed.

You are allowed to form a Dictatorship.


Corruption of any kind is not allowed.

You must follow any orders given to you by the Mayor at all times.

You must do your job in the correct manner.

Any affiliated government position beside S.W.A.T(Including the Mayor) is not allowed to raid.

Any arrest made must have a reason, an arrest made without reason is considered RDA, which leads to demotion.

When putting a warrant out on a player you must have a reason.

Bomb Squad

You are the Bomb Squad, You are able to identify all types of bombs.

Once you have spotted a bomb, You must destroy it and you must contain all
the citizens near it and keep everyone safe

You can alert Police Forces about the bomb so they may arrest the culprit.


You should stay in the PD until backup is needed.

Do everything you can to keep the city safe.

Swat Chief

Your duty is to heal on of your
wounded operatives.

You should stay in the PD
until backup is needed.

Do everything you can to keep the city safe.

You can heal your team, but it's not optinal unless theres
no medics alive.

If theres no mayor, you're in charge.

You can't be corrupt.

Secret Service

Secret Service are some people, that protect the mayor.

You must stay with the mayor at all times.

If there is no mayor, there is no need of Secret Service.


You can Mug, Raid, and War.

Don't RDM

Can not use Guns.


You are allowed to kill players however, mass RDM is not allowed.

You are allowed to raid, but each raid must be 5 minutes apart from the previous.

You are not allowed to work with any other players unless they are fellow Gangsters or the Mob Boss.

Before attempting to raid the Police Department, please make sure to advertise it.

You are allowed to mug, but each person that you mug must be 5 minutes apart from the previous.

You advertise all raids/mugs.


You are allowed to work with others however, said others must be fellow dealers.

All merchandise must have a fair price.

You can only defend your self and harm another player, if they are trying to harm you.

You are not allowed to raid or mug.


You are allowed to work with others however, said others must be fellow thieves.

You are allowed to defend yourself if a person engages you during a break-in.

If someone warns you to leave, if you do not leave within 3 seconds, they have the right to kill you.

You must advertise before any raid.


Entertain People!

Thief Master

Your job is to command any thief that are below you.

You have more power than the regular thief.

Like the regular Thief, you can RAID, MUG, and WAR.

Hotel Manager

You run the Hotel!

You may sell/rent rooms to citizens for a price.

You can make this price one time or repeating.

You may hire guards.

Make sure you keep your Hotel in order!



You are a Mercenary. (Mercenary Can only Assist in WAR/MUG/RAID)

You must type /advert Raid Asst before breaking into homes!

You can also mug and War Assist.

You Can Also be Someone's Guard.


You are only allowed to guard someone if they hired you.

Abuse of the stun stick is not allowed and will result in demotion.

You are not allowed to raid/mug.


Joker and Batman are not allowed to become Allies in any instance(This rule also applies to Jedi's and Sith).

You are only allowed to engage someone if they accept your duel request.

Random Death match is not allowed.

If you are a Jedi or Sith you are only allowed to ignite another player if they are in a duel with you.

Jedi Apprentice

You are a apprentice.

Your job is to follow a jedi master, and have him teach you the jedi ways.

If you're caught using your job for evil you will be demoted.

Don't abuse/rdm with this job.

Do not ignite anything on fire unless you are in a duel.

Hitmen / Assassin

You must have a Hit to kill, meaning they paid you through the hit menu.

Do not RDM - Random Death Match


Pet can not have Weapons.

You must Find an Owner and obey him/her.


Crime Family

A member of the Crime Gang, a gang that operates on different level.

The Crime Gang is a secondary crime family in the city.

However, they are not fond of the mob boss and his crime family.

A member of the Crime Gang generally works for The Crime Boss and his crime family.

A member of the Crime Gang generally works for The Crime Boss and his crime family.

Crime Boss

Like the Mob boss, The Crime Boss is also a boss of criminals in the city.

However he runs the Crime Gang, and despises any evidence of their being any criminal based competetion.

With his power he coordinates the Mafia and forms an crime organization for more efficient than a Gang.

He has the ability to break into houses by using a lockpick.

The Crime Boss posesses the ability to unarrest you.


You are the Terrorist.

Do not RDM.

Use IEDs every five minutes.


Rogue Spetsnaz

You hated What you did in WWII, So you went Rogue.

You are AOS to all Law Enforcement.

You can do /advert Payback and kill one cop every 5 minutes.

You can Raid War and Mug.


You can be good or evil. (Just make sure your job title says you're good or evil)

As evil Spiderman you can raid,mug,war.

As Good Spiderman you are to help the goverment keep the city clean.

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